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AEFCO Directors

For general information about AEFCO, please contact one of the directors below. In addtion, AEFCO has a number of

volunteers who serve mentors as well as former AEFCO directors who continue to teach.

Richard Martin -

719-352-5895 (Cell)


Richard Martin, a founder of AEFCO, has been flying since 1966. He has owned several production and homebuilt aircraft and has close to 2500 hours flying for personal use. He worked as a Journeyman Ironworker and a teacher before starting his own business as a custom homebuilder. He is currently Vice President of the Meadow Lake Airport Association (MLAA) and has been a board member of that association for the past 15 years.

Richard Martin with Nate after a Young Eagle flight sponsored by EAA Chapter 72.


Lee Wolford - Vice President


Lee Wolford has been in inspiration to many of our students

as a friend, mentor, and confidant.


The retired U.S. Air Force colonel and Vietnam War veteran logged more than

5,000 hours in single-seat fighters ranging from the F–86 to the F–106.

Lee was featured in the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) magazine.

(Read here.)


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Burrall Sanders - Treasurer


Burrall Sanders grew up in Western Colorado on a Cattle Ranch. In 1971, he joined the Navy and was assigned to a nuclear fast attack submarine based in Pearl Harbor. He learned to fly 14 years ago and has built 3 experimental aircraft for personal use and currently owns Free Flight Composites, that helps enthusiasts build their own aircraft. He is a Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor for the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 72.

Burrall is shown after a Young Eagle flight with one of the Summer Academy 2009 students.

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Esther Smith - Secretary


Esther Smith is a retired Navy Reservist, serving mostly with the Aviation side of the Navy. She currently teaches Middle School students in District 11. Esther has worked with AEFCO during the Summer Academy to ensure that students are well supervised, have nourishing meals, and coordinates all flights for the students. She is also responsible for writing and administering the quizzes once the strudents have completed a section of the Flight Manual during the Ground School.


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Eric Gustafson


Eric is shown here with a student from the

Summer Academy 2009 during a Young Eagle flight.


Eric's profile is coming soon!

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AEFCO Volunteers


Sandy Martin Divider


Wm Clothier

Sandy Martin has been involved behind the scenes with AEFCO since the

start of the organization. Today, she focuses her attention on raising money

to help fund flight training scholarships and maintaining the bookkeeping functions.



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Hank Bartlett Divider


Hank Hank Bartlett obtained his private pilot license in 1965. After serving 22 years in the Army, he became a Science Teacher at Air Academy High School where he developed the Arerospace Science course. He retired to become a Flight Instructor, teaching Air Force Academy graduates.


Bill Clothier Divider


Wm Clothier

Bill Clothier received his private pilot license in 1967.  After 5 years of flying in the Colorado area he started an FBO partnership at the old Stapleton Airport in Denver.  The FBO partnership went on to establish a commuter airline, “Pioneer Airways”, in 1977. He earned his instrument and multi-engine ratings and, over the next 6, years flew at least 25 different single and multi engine aircraft.

In 1979 he took a position as director of software engineering in Virginia where he was not allowed to fly privately.  This went on until he returned to Colorado to retire in 2003. He has owned a number of certificated aircraft and currently flies a well pampered 1955 F35 Bonanza stationed at Meadow Lake Airport.  He enjoys the challenge of teaching eager young people about flying and has been involved in teaching complex computer subjects since 1960.

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Vann Norred - Counselor/Advisor Burron



Vann Norred started flying as a senior in high school where he soloed in an Aeronca 7AC Champ at Cornelia Fort Airpark in Nashville, TN.  He earned an engineering degree from Vanderbilt University, then spent 3 years on active duty with the Marines.  Vann earned fixed wing licenses through ATP and CFIA and CFII.  He also holds Ground Instructor Advanced and Instrument as well as an A&P License.

Returning to the Marines in 1961, Vann has instructed at flight training facilities in Quantico, VA, Jacksonville, New Bern, and Kinston, NC, Yuma, AZ, Ft. Carson, CO as well as Carlsbad, CA.  He ran the Aviation Ground School at Arizona Western College at Yuma.  Although he was a 20 year career Marine Corps officer, he was never a military pilot.

He instructed Weekend Flight Clinics in all parts of the country for the AOPA Air Safety Foundation from 1967 through the mid 1990s.

After retiring from the Marines he worked as an Air Defense Systems Engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company, Fullerton, CA and then was Engineering Manager at Litton Data Systems in Colorado Springs.


Contact Vann for advise on ROTC Scholarrships



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