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Financial Highlights - 2015


Our financial position continues to improve each year

    • Direct contributions increased 52% over 2014
    • 48% of the expenses for the Aviation Summer Flight Experience were covered by donated airplanes, flight instruction, and demonstration flights
    • 49% of the expenses for the Aviation Summer Flight Experience were reimbursed with CAB Grant funds
    • We have no paid staff. Directors and volunteers donate services that are professional or central to our operations. Those hours, as calculated by the Economic Impact Of Volunteers Calculator created by Points of Light, are estimated to value $165,998



We are committed to funding priorities that meet the needs of our students


    • 97 cents of every dollar raised is spent directly for program activities
    • Scholarship awards for flight training and flight training during the summer program account for $24,596 in 2015
    • Our cornerstone program, Aviation Summer Flight Experience, accounts for 61% of our expenses in 2015.



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