AEFCO Visiting Speakers

Throughout the years, especially during the Aviation Summer Flight Program, AEFCO has been honored to have visiting

speakers support our program by sharing their life stories with students. Those experiences include their career choices

as well as life challenges they faced. They provide an excellent source of motivation and inspiration for students.


Under Construction

We will be adding additional speakers regularly so be sure to check back. In the meantime, please note those here who have been regular supporters of AEFCO and our mission.


Jeff Ashby is scheduled for June 22, 2015.



Jeffery S. Ashby - Former Astronaut

Jeff Ashby has been one of the favorite speakers for the last 8 years.


Jeff was  selected as an astronaut candidate in December 1994 at age 40. He piloted space shuttle missions ST-93 in July 1999 and STS-100 in April 2001, and commanded mission STS-112 in October 2002.


His first space shuttle flight was aboard Columbia. Jeff's latter two flights aboard Endeavour and Atlantis were the sixth and ninth assembly missions for the International Space Station. He has traveled over 11 million miles, flown 436 orbits around the Earth, and logged over 660 hours (27.5 days) in space.

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Major General Patrick J. Halloran - Retired

Maj.Gen. Patrick Halloran

Major General Pat Halloran was an early AEFCO director.

His impressive career has made him an inspiration to many of our students. For starters, he accumulated more than 1,600 flying hours in the high-flying reconnaissance aircraf U-2. He was one of the first pilots in the SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft

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